During the building process of my own aircraft, I came across an interesting chap called Paul McVitty at a SAAA builders meeting in 2016. Paul attended with his mate that had just recently finished a RV10 that had been fitted with Paul’s lighting system that is a standard package produced by Paul for RV’s.

I asked Paul if he would consider making me a custom set of Navigation and awareness lights for my Furio, his response was, I can do that and set about producing an exceptional kit for me. I recommend anyone that is in the market for aviation lighting give Paul a call.


Flyleds background is in advanced electronics and they have been involved in the experimental aviation community for years.

After reviewing the products on the market, they knew they could build position and strobe lighting better and cheaper for the experimental aviation market.

The product set has been extensively tested, and as expected from LED technology, is virtually bullet proof. At present Flyleds have products to suit the Vans RV-4 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 and -14, and more are on the way.